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  • Growing Your Business Without Breaking The Bank

    It doesn’t matter where your business is, our focus is to get you the funding required to grow and for investors the boost in returns you deserve.

  • One FinTech Company Hopes To Help SMEs Solve Cash Flow Challenges That Even Banks Have Problems With

    You can apply for the loan using your mobile phone in just two minutes.

  • Choosing the Right Crowdfunding Product

    Interested in raising capital through crowdfunding? We’re not surprised. After all, crowdfunding comes with some pretty sweet advantages. The crowdfunding process is cheap, quick, easy – often entirely online. Because crowdfunding requires no collateral, it is a great alternative to traditional funding such as secured loans. As we discussed in our last article, there are […]

  • The future of peer-to-peer lending in Asia

    This article was first published by GTnews The financial services industry has taken huge strides in the last 20-odd years, with path-breaking innovations in the financial system such as the advent of automated teller machines (ATMs), credit cards, online banking, mobile banking and sophisticated loan and deposit products. The speed of innovation has been unprecedented. One […]

  • How Crowdfunding Is Making the World a Better Place

    Let us begin by telling you a tale. Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past (2008, to be precise), a young writer started a crowdfunding experiment called The Omikuji Project. She needed earnings to supplement her household income between novels and wanted to thank those supporting her budding career. So each month, she wrote […]

  • Investing in a Post-US Election World

    Prior to US Election Day 2016, most polls had projected a Hillary Clinton victory. So to say that the eventual result was unexpected seems fair. The shock impacted the markets even before the official winner was declared. As Donald Trump’s victory became more and more assured, gold prices soared; the metal is generally seen as […]

  • 8 Things to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Business Loan

    These days, there are several resources available for business loans. But while the options exist, receiving funding is never easy – especially if you are part of a small business. Then there’s the evaluation bit. Lenders review your application thoroughly before they can deem you worthy and disburse the necessary funds. (For more information on […]

  • Investing in Invoice Financing vs. Investing in Term Loans

    Some of our investors may have already heard of our new product: Invoice Financing. But perhaps some questions remain on why it is a worthy addition to our list of products, how it is different from our regular peer-to-peer loans, etc. We hope this post will alleviate and dispel any confusion. To start, it may […]

  • How Invoice Financing Can Help Business Owners

    Funding Societies is happy to announce the launch of our newest product: Invoice Financing. As an introduction, invoice financing is a product where sellers (“Borrowers” in this case) sell the future receivables or invoices they issued to their customers (“Debtors”) to get immediate cash. Simplifying the concept further, say there is a business owner and […]

  • My Greatest Takeaways From the 12-week Internship at Funding Societies

    Everyone dreams of finding a job they love. Like many other undergraduates, I spent several summer breaks in various internships, letting each experience guide me in discovery of my passion. This phase of gaining work experience helped me develop particular interests in two areas – Enterprise development and Financial Services. That was why I was […]

  • How could you achieve 13-14% investment returns?

    Article by Damon Wong Dear investor, Imagine you have some savings, so you’re looking to grow the money with a profitable business idea… But you don’t want to place your hard-earned money at risk by investing in the wrong things. I know of an investment vehicle that is generating a double digit percentage growth for […]

  • Three Key Risks of Peer-to-Peer Lending

    The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending sector has gained quite a fair bit of attention as financial services have taken greater heights in its innovation phase in Singapore. The P2P platforms, gaining most of the limelight, are Funding Societies, CapitalMatch and MoolahSense as they have collectively raised more than $10 million in 2015. The returns provided by […]