How can anyone possibly understand insurance with this?

Look no further. DIYInsurance has got you covered with an insurance comparison portal and an easy discovery tool. Take a Selfcheck to determine what insurance you really need.

Simply enter some information, your age, the number of children you have, total assets and your healthcare expectation. Indicate your existing insurance coverage and… Voila! You now understand your current insurance situation and what’s lacking.

We compare and recommend the plans that best fulfill your needs. To find out more, you can request for a customised quote and a friendly adviser will be in touch to assist you!
But what if you already know the type of insurance you want?

DIYInsurance is the first life insurance comparison web portal in Singapore. Using the comparison portal, compare a wide range of protection, savings and retirement plans. With our research and analysis, we rank a list of products for you based on their price and value.

Need more information about the plan? It’s all there with a click of a button.

Get a customised quote, enjoy greater cost savings with 50% rebates in commissions and receive professional advice. Insurance has never been this easy with honest and competent advice.

Your Trusted Place to Be Insured. Do It Your-way insurance.

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